Vision system that "sees through" armor launches at DSEI 2019

DSEI 2019--LONDON. Sensor solution provider Hensoldt is showing at this week's DSEI show its newly developed electro-optical vision system for armored vehicles -- named SETAS [See-through Armour System] -- that is aimed at giving full situational awareness in the daylight hours to the vehicle crew while allowing them to stay safely inside.

According to information from Hensoldt, the SETAS Integrated Camera Models use two types of powerful sensors, very high resolution visual cameras (1 or 2), and two uncooled thermal imager module (UCM) that are capable of recognizing people outside the vehicle at a distance of up to nearly 1,000 feet. Additional capabilities can be added to the vision system, such as acoustic sniper detection sensors, a laser warning system, and a hemispherical camera to cover the area directly above the vehicle.

Using a head-mounted display as the human-machine interface, a crew member inside the tank can virtually “see through” the armor; additionally, intelligent algorithms automatically alert the crew if any potentially threatening movement is detected within the 360 degrees around the vehicle.

The company expects to begin offering SETAS in 2020.

Attendees can visit Hensoldt at DSEI booth S3-200 and can see SETAS in action mounted on an Eagle 6x6 armored vehicle at the General Dynamics booth, S9-200.