Virgin Galactic pilots to train with simulation technology from Quantum3D

ORLANDO, FL. Officials at Virgin Galactic commercial spaceline ordered the six-channel Independence IDX 7000 image generator from Quantum3D for spaceship command and equipment training. Quantum3D officials made the announcement this week at the I/ITSEC show in Orlando.

“Quantum3D created an impressive high quality database, including imagery of our spaceship models, buildings, hangars, and spaceport to provide the most realistic simulation possible for our pilots, which will assist in creating a space program to support flying almost anyone to space and back safely,” says Keith Colmer, Virgin Galactic senior test pilot, Virgin Galactic.

The IDX 7000 image generator can be setup in a dedicated room or transported for mobile training needs. Via its Mantis shader-based real-time scene management software and geo-specific, worldwide synthetic environments pilots can train in a variety of simulations, from instrument/cockpit familiarization with a range of special effects, sensors, weather, and lighting. Mission-critical functions like height-above-terrain and line-of-sight intersection testing can also be implemented.

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