Vector Software and Lynx announce partnership at Aviation Electronics Europe

MUNICH. At the Aviation Electronics Europe in Munich, Germany, Vector Software and Lynx Software Technologies officials announced that engineers will integrate the LynxOS family of real-time operating systems and the VectorCAST test automation platform.

To date, VectorCAST supports LynxOS applications, including those deployed on LynxOS-178, which is a DO-178B and EUROCAE/ ED-12B level A certified operating system. If offers the interoperability of POSIX and supports the ARINC 653-1 Application EXecutive (APEX) interface and the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) standard.

The VectorCAST and LynxOS tool environments support the standards-based Eclipse foundation, the integration and subsequent use is a straightforward process, says Robert Day, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Lynx.

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