Vector Hawk canister-launched UAS contract won by Lockheed Martin

OWEGO, N.Y. Lockheed Martin won a $4.6 million contract to continue developing a maritime canister-launched small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS), dubbed Vector Hawk.

Lockheed Martin engineers are working on a re-configurable version of the collapsible wing Vector Hawk, which is designed to support a man-packable, all in one solution that has: a collapsible fixed-wing aircraft that can be launched from a tube from land or water; a fixed-wing aircraft for standard and long endurance missions; a tilt-rotor enabling VTOL with transition to forward flight; a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.

Vector Hawk is capable of autonomous flight and landing, which moves the operational focus from flying the aircraft to conducting the mission, Lockheed Martin officials say. The system also has fail-safes to ensure it can safely return to the operator or auto-land when situations such as loss of communications with the ground control station or low power happen. Vector Hawk is built with an open architecture to allow rapid technology and payload integration.

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