Utilidata & Raytheon partner to delivery cybersecurity for power utilities

DULLES, Va. Utilidata and Raytheon officials formed a strategic alliance to help power utilities proactively detect, defend against, and respond to cyberthreats.

"Power utilities face unique challenges that make planning and response to cyberattacks more difficult," says Scott DePasquale, chairman and CEO of Utilidata. "With more and more devices and systems connected to the internet, and all of them needing electrical power, these challenges are increasing exponentially. This new alliance will help define the future of cybersecurity in the power utilities sector."

The effort will combine Utilidata's experience in the use of real-time data from the electrical grid to detect and respond to cyberattacks and Raytheon's expertise in proactive cyber threat hunting, automation, and managed security services to provide cybersecurity, analytics, and other technologies.

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