UTC Aerospace Systems releases new TASE500 compact camera payload

CHARLOTTE, N.C. UTC Aerospace Systems has announced a new Cloud Cap Technology TASE500 compact camera system configuration.

The is a 10-inch, 25 lb that delivers a 10-20 lb weight savings over other similar-sized payloads, with an increased optical performance, making it ideal for size, weight, and power ()-constrained applications.

In conjunction with the Sensors Unlimited Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) technology, the TASE500 system provides enhanced visual capability in extreme weather conditions such as dust, haze, and smoke.

Cap Technology TASE500 payload provides all-HD imaging, giving operators improved situational awareness (SA), an all-digital imaging chain for maximized processing capability, and an optimized lens design for enhanced object recognition.

For more information, visit www.utcaerospacesystems.com.

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