Unmanned aerial target drone contract worth $31.8 million awarded by USAF to Kratos

SAN DIEGO. Kratos Defense & Security Solutions' Unmanned Systems Division has received a single-source contract worth $31.8 million for a previously awarded Air Force Subscale Aerial Target (AFSAT) program.

Kratos Unmanned Systems Division business units Kratos Unmanned Aerial Systems (KUAS) and Micro Systems, Inc. (MSI) will perform work under the contract. KUAS (Sacramento, California) -- which is leading the effort under the contract -- will provide high-performance aerial target drones and technical support, while the MSI unit (Ft. Walton Beach, Florida) will supply the majority of the high-performance avionics used on the target drones, including critical command/control and flight computer systems.

Work on the Air Force contract is expected to be complete by 31 May 2021.