UK MOD Mode 5 IFF capability to be upgraded by Raytheon/Thales team

LONDON. U.K. Ministry of Defence officials tasked the Raytheon U.K., Thales U.K. team to conduct a one-year study into upgrading existing Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) systems to Mode 5, which will meet NATO's requirement for a new standard of IFF across all platforms.

The team is providing the Thales Bluegate products covering most naval and land system Mode 5 Interrogator applications, as well as, Raytheon UK's IFF4810 Mode 5 upgrade solution for most air and naval Mode 5 transponder uses. Raytheon and Thales' IFF Mode 5 subsystems make use of a common U.S.-sourced KIV-77 Mode 4/5 cryptographic computer, which adds security and deception resistance. It also is already in service with U.S. armed forces.

The Raytheon Thales Team on more than 97 percent of the platforms involved in the Mode 5 upgrade.