U.S. Navy to evaluate Saab's anti-submarine warfare system through FCT program

WASHINGTON. U.S. Navy officials will evaluate Saab's anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training system, the AUV62-AT, through the Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) Program. The demonstration is planned for summer 2018, with an option to continue testing into 2019.

Navy officials are investigating a replacement to its current ASW training system for its Undersea Warfare Training Range. “With submarine usage on the rise, training is more crucial than ever. Some of today’s submarines are armed with heavyweight torpedoes that can destroy a massive vessel rather than simply disable it. AUV62-AT prepares operators for this threat,” says Görgen Johansson, Senior Vice President and head of ´s Business Area Dynamics.

The AUV62-AT is an artificial acoustic system that mimics a submarine. The system package trains operators in submarine surveillance, detection, identification, classification, and target engagement.

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