U.S. Navy ships to use Sub-Net Relay system from Rockwell Collins

OTTAWA, Ontario. Officials at Science Application International Corporation (SAIC) chose the Rockwell Collins Sub-Net Relay (SNR) solution for U.S. Navy ships under the PEOC4I Battle Force Tactical Networking program.

Rockwell Collins is the only provider of SNR, which enables the establishment of mobile ad hoc, Internet-Protocol (IP) networks that are used for enhanced situational awareness, tactical data exchanges, and collaborative planning utilizing existing communications systems onboard naval vessels.

SNR is a masterless architecture that has dynamic relay capabilities that feature built-in text chat, a remote control graphic user interface, and a comprehensive signal display. SNR originally was designed for the Canadian navy in 2009 and is in the process of becoming a NATO standard for network interoperability among coalition partners.

Rockwell Collins engineers will work on the program at the company’s facility in Ottawa, Ontario, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.