U.S. Navy orders rugged Talon robots for Poland

The U.S. recently awarded QinetiQ North America Inc. a nearly $7 million contract for Generation IV spares, vehicles, and accessories, in addition to training, shipping, and depot-level repair parts. The contract comprises a 100 percent allotment to as a Foreign Sale.

Capable of navigating first-responder, law-enforcement, and military missions, the lightweight tracked Talon robot is highly suited to , , Explosive Ordnance Disposal () and Improvised Explosive Device () disposal, heavy lift, , , and , , , , Explosive () missions.

Able to negotiate rock piles and climb stairs, the Talon was utilized at Ground Zero in the wake of the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. Talon robots were also used in Iraq, where an insurgent possessing a bomb dropped a building. However, the robot survived the blast, the company reports.

This latest contract for the Talon robot is via the Naval Surface Warfare Center as the contracting activity, and work completion is anticipated by next March.