U.S. Navy extends RTCASS contract with Boeing

ST. LOUIS, MO. The U.S. Navy has awarded a $5.5 million follow-on contract to Boeing to maintain the Reconfigurable Transportable Consolidated Automated Support System (RTCASS). RTCASS is an automated test platform that will be used to help extend the availability of the F/A-18 Hornet, AV-8B Harrier, EA-6B Prowler, and V-22 Osprey.

The RTCASS is used to help troubleshoot Electronic Warfare (), flight controls, , and other aircraft subsystems. The platform has been operationally fielded since 2009, and is used by the U.S. Marine Corps and Air Force Special Operations.

"This follow-on contract continues our partnership with the to maintain a valuable tool that helps increase aircraft availability and lower spares costs," says Tim Murphy, RTCASS Program Manager, .

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