U.S. Marine Corps P-19R firefighting vehicle enters production phase

OSHKOSH, Wis. Production and deployment phase begins for the P-19 Replacement (P-19R) Aircraft Rescue Fire Fight (ARFF) vehicle. The U.S. Marine Corps selected Oshkosh Defense, LLC. in May 2013 for the P-19R contract.

Since then Oshkosh completed all the required government evaluation and reviews to move the program past the Milestone C approval phase and into the Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) phase.

To support LRIP, Oshkosh is slated to deliver the first P-19R vehicles for the Production Verification Testing (PVT) at the end of this year. The goal of the P-19R ARFF program is to replace all P-19A vehicles. The U.S. Marine Corps contract with Oshkosh extends through 2018 to achieve this goal as the P-19A vehicle nears the end of its service life.

The P-19R vehicle helps firefighting crews respond and carry out missions. The vehicle can go speeds as fast as 70 mph with a 600 horsepower engine. It is equipped with Oshkosh’s TAK-4 independent suspension system and delivers 16 inches of independent wheel travel for off-runway emergencies. The TAK-4 systems provides the payload capacity needed to carry 1,000 gallons of water, 130 gallons of foam agent, and 500 lbs of Halotron auxiliary firefighting agent.