U.S. Army orders several thousand mobile satellite transceivers for battlefield use

MELVILLE, N.Y. Comtech Telecommunications Corp. won an initial $11.7 million order to immediately provide several thousand of its next generation MT-2025 mobile satellite transceivers in support of the U.S. Army's Blue Force Tracking-2 (BFT-2) system.

The BFT-2 system, which is part of the U.S. Army's Joint Battle Command-Platform (JBC-P) program, enables U.S. warfighters to obtain global real-time situational awareness and networking capabilities. Comtech's-next generation MT-2025 transceiver, which is also known as the Blue Force Tracker-2 High Capacity (BFT-2-HC) Satellite Transceiver, meets BFT-2 protocols, is reliable in the field, and is fully backward-compatible with the U.S. Army's Blue Force Tracking-1 system (BFT-1).

Comtech's Command and Control Technologies group -- through its Maryland-based subsidiary, Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation, which is part of Comtech's Government Solutions segment -- will manufacture the transceivers at the Comtech high-volume technology manufacturing center in Tempe, Arizona. Comtech expects to begin shipments during the second half of its fiscal 2018 and expects additional orders to come.