U.S. Army MLRS recapitalization $362 million contract won by Lockheed Martin

DALLAS. U.S. Army officials selected Lockheed Martin to recapitalize 50 of the U.S. Army's Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) launchers under a contract valued at $362 million.

Lockheed Martin will work with the Red River Army Depot to refurbish to an "as new" condition the launchers with new engines, transmissions, Launcher-Loader Modules, Improved Armored Cabs, and the new Common Fire Control System.

MLRS M270A1. Lockheed Martin photo

The goal of the U.S. Army's MLRS recapitalization effort is to eventually upgrade its existing fleet of 225 MLRS M270A1 launchers, and 160 decommissioned M270A0's slated for de-militarization, to M270A2s.

MLRS is a heavy tracked mobile launcher, transportable via C-17 and C-5 aircraft, that fires Guided MLRS rockets and Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missiles. MLRS will also be able to fire the Precision Strike Missile (PrSM) and Extended-Range GMLRS rockets, both currently in development.