U.S. Army IT contract awarded to General Dynamics

The Defense Information Systems Agency () recently awarded General Dynamics a (possibly) $20 million contract to benefit the U.S. Agency (). The contract reaches a ceiling of $20.2 million, dependent on whether all options are exercised, and spans one year in addition to one option year.

The contract calls for support of the ’s Services Directorate Enterprise Enterprise Backup, Mainframe, and Server Services program. Specifically, the contract stipulates that General Dynamics renders ITA users mainframe computerized processing in classified and unclassified flavors, in addition to storage and application/server hosting services. “The company will also define metrics to measure performance and develop a design solution to migrate the directorate to a service-oriented architecture framework,” according to General Dynamics’ website.

General Dynamics One Source, the recipient of the contract, includes General Dynamics C4 Systems, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, and General Dynamics Information Technology.

The company’s support of the Pentagon’s USAITA goes back 15 years.