U.S. Army contracts for secure medical systems for mobile operations

ARLINGTON, Va. The U.S. Army has contracted with IT security firm Cog and embedded sensor maker Management Sciences, Inc. (MSI) to develop a prototype multilevel security (MLS) capability on tactical mobile devices that will be used in the field to more efficiently deliver patient medical data.

Battlefield medics currently communicate with remote medical personnel over classified networks, causing unclassified patient medical data to become classified; having to declassify the data at a medical facility costs crucial time in the patient’s treatment.

Cog and MSI are developing a mobile solution for the Army and the Defense Health Agency that will basically tunnel unclassified medical data shared between field medics and treatment facilities through a classified tactical network. The new embedded information-sharing application from the Cog/MSI team allows field medics to send lifesaving data from a classified mobile device while keeping the data unclassified from end to end, thereby eliminating critical declassification delays. In addition to gathering vital medical data from the battlefield, this capability will also give telemedicine teams on unclassified networks a two-way channel to communicate in real time with combat medics on the battlefield.

According to information from Cog, its modular D4 Secure Platform technology will be used to isolate classified versus unclassified data.