U.S. Army completes testing on Raytheon-built upgraded Stinger missile

TUCSON, Ariz. U.S. Army engineers completed qualification testing for a new proximity fuze that enhances the Raytheon-build Stinger missile. During recent testing at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, the weapon system scored a 100 percent hit rate against a variety of targets. The missiles were shoulder- and vehicle-launched.

The new proximity fuze enables the lightweight, self-contained air defense system to destroy a wider array of battlefield threats such as enemy unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) by detonating the missile's warhead near the target, while maintaining its hit-to-kill capability.

With qualification testing complete, the Army can move toward a near-term fielding under an Urgent Materiel Release. Plans call for the new proximity fuze to be integrated into Stinger missiles as part of a Service Life Extension Program to be conducted at the Army's ammunition plant in McAlester, Oklahoma.