Turret Drive Control Unit for Bradley Fighting Vehicle gets upgrade from Curtiss-Wright Controls

CHARLOTTE, NC. Curtiss-Wright Controls, Inc. won a contract from BAE Systems for lifecycle management services under an obsolescence mitigation upgrade program for the Turret Drive Control Unit (TDCU) of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. Engineers at the Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions business group will provide an obsolescence-free upgraded version of the Tech Data Pack (TDP) used in the TDCU.

The TDCU on the vehicle controls the drive and stability of the Bradley's turret system, enabling it to hit targets accurately while moving. Under the contract, Curtiss-Wright engineers will identify and replace end-of-life or obsolete electronic devices in the old TDP, and then upgrade the unit’s three-module card set with long-lifecycle components and a lifecycle management plan to extend the life of the Bradley.

The initial contract entails the development phase of the program for the new TDP and is scheduled to run through early 2014. The production phase of the program is scheduled to run through 2015, but may be speed up. The potential lifetime value of the contract is estimated at $20 million -- the initial order is valued at $300,000. The facility based in Santa Clarita, CA will manufacture the development units. Curtiss-Wright will then ship the TDP card set to in Santa Clara, CA.