Turkish navy gets autonomous underwater vehicle upgrade from Teledyne Gavia

REYKJAVIK, Iceland. Teledyne Gavia announced that it recently delivered Teledyne Blueview MB2250 modules and associated Teledyne PDS software for all Gavia autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) operated by the Turkish Navy Mine Countermeasures Command in Erdek, Turkey.

The Blueview MB2250 -- to be used with the existing Edgetch 2205 Side Scan Sonars that the Turkish navy currently uses on its Gavia vehicles -- will offer side scan sonar nadir gapfill and high-frequency multibeam data that can aid in detection and classification of mine-like undersea objects.

The Turkish navy will use its Blueview-equipped Gavia AUVs either from vessels of opportunity or from their AYDIN or ENGIN Class minehunters to augment its existing mine countermeasure capabilities.