Trident II production, support contract won by Lockheed

BETHESDA, Md. Lockheed Martin Space won a contract modification for work on submarine-launched intercontinental ballistic missiles, part of the nation's nuclear triad, for the U.S. Navy. The $40.3 million contract covers production and deployed systems support for the Trident II D5 and is the latest in a string of contracts for the missiles issued to Lockheed this year.

Photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin.

The Lockheed division received a $494.8 million modification under the same contract for production and support on the Trident II at the end of September as part of ongoing upgrades and improvements to the missile system.

The Trident II D5 intercontinental ballistic missile is used for the sea-based portion of the United States' nuclear capability. The other legs of the triad are launched from either air or land.

The Navy has obligated the full value of the contract from fiscal 2020 weapons procurement and other procurement funds, with work under the modification expected to be completed by Sept. 30, 2024.