Top ten 2018 military electronics stories

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona. The most popular stories on throughout 2018 covered subjects such as RISC V FPGAs, artificial intelligence, blockchain, autonomous radar platforms, and more. Check them out below.

  1. Designing a rad-hard CubeSat onboard computer
  2. Using RISC-V in FPGAs for strategic defense systems
  3. Military AI/machine learning speeds decision-making and efficiency for warfighters
  4. Blockchain for embedded systems
  5. Space missions gaining vision, precision, autonomy
  6. The path to smarter, autonomous radar and EW platforms
  7. Flight control technology key to lighter, stealthier UAVs
  8. Military avionics get sleek with digital glass cockpit instruments and panoramic displays
  9. Introducing Gen 5 VPX
  10. Artificial intelligence can help warfighters on many fronts