Tech Source H.264 XMC adds VxWorks board support for real-time video streaming applications

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL. Driver support for the Wind River VxWorks Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) has been added to the Tech Source, Inc., Condor VC100x H.264 video capture and compression card. The Condor VC100x is an XMC module designed for video streaming applications in mission-critical Aerospace and Defense (A&D) environments, and support for VxWorks adds real-time capabilities and low-latency performance.

“Most mission- and safety-critical applications use a Real-Time Operating System, so our support for will enable us to target the safety critical market and applications that require capture and encoding of video data with lower latencies,” says Selwyn L. Henriques, President and CEO, , Inc. “Our Condor VC100x card has been designed for use in UAVs that require low power and yet high profile H.264 compression in a compact, lightweight form factor. VxWorks provides UAVs real-time capability while keeping Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) demands to a minimum.”

The Condor VC100x captures and stores video data on a local graphics card for later processing and analysis. To minimize CPU usage, the XMC module features an H.264 video encoder with baseline, main, and high profile support up to Level 4.1. The XMC module also supports two SD-SDI/HD-SDI inputs or up to four NTSC/PAL/SECAM composite video inputs that can be selected through a provided API. Two stereo or four mono audio inputs are included as well.

The Condor VC100x is available in various ruggedization levels and in either conduction- or convection-cooled variants. While VxWorks, , and Windows BSPs come standard, support for Green Hills Integrity and LynuxWorks LynxOS RTOSs is also available for both PowerPC and x86 variants of the card.

Detailed information on the Condor VC100x XMC can be found at

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