Tactical Compact Communications Relay for UAVs Made Smaller and Lighter by Boeing

LAS VEGAS – The Boeing Tactical Compact Communications Relay (TCCR) that allows Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to act as a range-extender for military handheld radios have been reduced in size and weight to 5” x 5” x 1” and 1 lb., respectively. Four production units were shipped to Initsu, and can be leveraged in the Initsu ScanEagle payload bay to extend the range of line-of-sight military handheld radios to more than 150 miles.

Testing of the new system has been conducted on several UAVs, and the recent production versions are poised to replace their 1.6 lb. relay predecessors that have been transmitting encrypted and unencrypted voice and data communications by NATO in Afghanistan.

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