Spanawave purchases multiple product lines from Giga-tronics

SAN RAMON, Calif. Spanawave Corp. acquired Giga-tronics’ power meter, ampli-fiers, sensors, and legacy signal generator product lines. The product lines will transfer in phases beginning with certain sensor and amplifiers immediately and the final product line will transfer sometime in July 2016. Purchase of the product lines totals an estimated $1.5 million, and half of the payment is expected between June and July 2016.

Existing inventory for these products will be purchased in phases. will continue to manufacture related products until the line transfer is complete, according to com-pany officials. Giga-tronics will focus more on its Threat Emulation System, officials say, a commercial off-the-shelf threat system that combines multichannel switching capabili-ties of Giga-tronics' Advanced Signal Generator hardware platform together with software based on .

During the transition phase, products will be referred to as Spanawave/Giga-tronics, and the technical literature may men-tion either of the brands until the is completed, says Helio Sakaya, CEO of Spanawave.

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