Space weapons program to protect French satellites

FRANCE. The French Defense Minister's plans for a space weapons program will include military protection of its satellites.

Photo courtesy of Florence Parly/Twitter.

Defense Secretary Florence Parly outlined a new direction for France's space program at an air base near Lyon. The announcement comes after President Emmanuel Macron called for a space high command to protect the country's existing future satellites.

The projects announced on Thursday include clusters of nano-satellites patrolling French satellites, a ground-based laser system to discourage enemy investigation, and the possibility of remotely-fired weapons aboard some satellites.

Parly also announced a budget increase to boost France's space capabilities and its ability to defend itself in space. Another $780 million will be added to the budgeted $4 billion, through 2025.

According to Parly, this came following the efforts of several countries to further militarize space.