Self-propelled Howitzers to be delivered to U.S. Army

UNITED KINGDOM. BAE Systems Land & Armaments received a $249.2 million contract to provide ammunition and support for self-propelled Howitzer vehicles for the U.S. Army. The new deal adds funds to an ongoing production contract, originally awarded in March 2017, to build and deliver M109A7s and M992A3s for the Army.

The M109A7 is a recent model of the self-propelled Howitzer, a vehicle primarily used for indirect fire support operations for the U.S. Army Brigade Combat Team. The M992A3 is a Field Artillery Ammunition Supply Vehicle, a heavily armored munitions carrier that assists the M109A7's mission.

Under the original contract, BAE Systems received $133.5 million for the vehicles. In February 2018, the contractor received $148 million to procure materials to build the vehicles.