Self-lock connectors for space, high-rel applications shown by Huber+Suhner at IMS 2019

INTERNATIONAL MICROWAVE SYMPOSIUM 2019--BOSTON. Swiss connector company Huber+Suhner showed its SMP self-lock connectors at the the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2019, held this week in Boston.

According to company officials, the SMP-SL is a flight-ready, fully qualified, push-on connector that can dramatically reduce installation times, maintain the robust operation of a threaded connector, and adhere to the small form facator of a standard SMP connector.

Intended for use in applications up to 40 GHz. SMP connectors come mil-spec qualified for defense and space flight applications, for example for use in military helicopters or aboard satellite assemblies.

Visitors to IMS can visit Huber+Suhner at Booth #655.