Secure UAS data, video, encryption solutions from Mobilicom to debut at AUVSI Xponential

SHOHAM, Israel. Mobilicom, a provider of critical communications solutions, will present its SkyHopper end-to-end solutions for smart unmanned aerial systems (UASs) and robotics at the AUVSI Xponential 2019 trade show at the end of April.

According to company information, the SkyHopper product suite includes communication data links, cybersecurity and encryption systems that have been validated by the Israel Ministry of Defense and other government organizations; video processing; controllers and viewers.

Mobilicom documents reveal that the SkyHopper PRO bidirectional data link delivers long range and non-line-of-sight communication that supports multiple transmission modes, while the SkyHopper PRO V includes a dual-camera input, three camera interfaces, dual built-in video encoders and decoders, and local recording ability. The ControlAir unit enables users to control a drone or robot plus transmit or view video and data while operating air and ground missions, while the VU enables viewing of video and telemetry data by multiple users.