Saturation diving system for sustained Navy operations approved

PANAMA CITY, Fla. The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) has approved the Navy's only Saturation Fly Away Diving System (SATFADS) for sustained operations up to 30 days. The approval follows completion of a 30-foot wet certification of the launch and recovery system in Panama City, Fla., NAVSEA said in a statement.

Photo courtesy of the Naval Surface Warfare Center.

The SATFADS is intended to support six divers on deep-water salvage and recovery operations at 1,000-foot depth for up to 21 days, with an additional nine days of decompression.

It is composed of five main parts, including a main deck decompression chamber, the living quarters, a manned diving bell, a bell handling system, a control van, and two auxiliary support equipment vans.

Saturation diving is a technique which allows divers to avoid the deadly effects of decompression sickness and work at great depths for long periods of time.