Satellite jammer first offensive weapon provided to Space Force

WASHINGTON. The U.S. Space Force announced its first offensive weapon, a ground-based communications jammer to block satellite transmissions. The Space Force announced that Counter Communication System Block 10.2 achieved Initial Operating Capability earlier this month. It was transferred from the Los Angeles AFB to Peterson AFB, Colo., after being declared operational by the Air Force Space and Missile Center's special programs directorate.

The portable CCS temporarily denies satellite communications of adversaries and was first deployed in 2004 after hostile nations began attempting to disrupt American satellite transmissions. An upgraded version, CCS Block 10.1, was developed in 2014. L3Harris is the prime contractor for both versions 10.1 and 10.2.

The newest version of the system was given to the 4th Space Control Squadron at Peterson AFB in a handover ceremony. It followed a certified training program for space control operators and satellite communications maintenance personnel.

According to Space Force officials, the system includes additional frequency bands and other features, with more options to disrupt enemies' satellite communications, and can be updated with agile software development methods.