Sandia National Laboratories opens cybersecurity lab and discussions

Sandia National Laboratories aims to boost discussion opportunities among professionals nationally and internationally with today's grand opening of Sandia's Cybersecurity Technologies Research Laboratory ().

Located at the Livermore Valley Open Campus, east of San Francisco, California, CTRL will provide a place where issues can be discussed sans some of the usual national laboratory restrictions, according to a company representative. "With CTRL, we can run experiments and talk more freely about a wide range of research activities, and we can do so with a variety of U.S. and international collaborators but without some of the unrelated restrictions that are often associated with a national laboratory. … At the same time, we can do these things in a uniquely controlled environment where we know what activities are taking place and we can monitor who and what else is in the building.”

In the big picture, CTRL will foster stronger associations among national labs, academia, and industry pertaining to technology-based cybersecurity R&D.

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