Saab, Singapore university to collaborate on UUV, air-traffic research

STOCKHOLM and SINGAPORE. Defense and security company Saab and research-focused institution Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU Singapore) have signed a five-year master research collaboration agreement.

One of the major focus areas for the research collaboration to be conducted at the -NTU Joint Research Centre in Singapore will be underwater robotic research, with the goal of enabling underwater autonomous vehicles to navigate relative to surrounding objects.

Another area of collaborative research will be air-traffic-management projects, such as investigating the possibility of employing artificial intelligence and machine learning to augment the capability of air-traffic controllers.

The agreement -- signed by NTU president professor Bertil Andersson  and Saab executive vice president and deputy CEO Micael Johansson at NTU Singapore -- came shortly after the two entities signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Stockholm during October 2017.

“This collaboration allows Saab and NTU to leverage each others' capabilities. NTU’s strengths in interdisciplinary research, together with Saab’s expertise in aeronautics and defense technology, can create important synergies that could lead to the development of innovative technologies that will benefit both industry and society,” said Andersson.

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