RTI delivers communications software to Canadian government

SUNNYVALE, Calif. The Canadian government has selected Real-Time Innovations' (RTI's) Connext DDS communications to be incorporated into the Land Command Support System (LCSS), which integrates multiple Army-wide communications, command and control, and computing systems through one tactical system.

Canada purchased six licenses and engineering services for the to support the exchange of data between terminals within vehicles, which ensures all soldiers within the vehicle have access to the same information.

RTI’s Connext software is built on the Data Distribution Service standard developed by the Object Management Group. The Connext DDS' data-centric nature enables a decoupled, fault-tolerant, scalable architecture with a simple upgrade path for future functionalities.

“Our technology is superior in providing interoperable, scalable, and reliable performance that integrates seamlessly with other components from different organizations,” says VP of Products and Markets at RTI, David Barnett. “In working with General Dynamics Canada and the Canadian Government, our objective is to provide the most advanced communications platform for the LCSS and improve the interoperability of this crucial tactical system.”

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