Rockwell Collins avoidance rerouter software certified FACE conformant

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa. Rockwell Collins has announced that its Avoidance Re-router (ARR-2500) software product has been deemed conformant to Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Technical Standard Edition 2.1, the latest edition of the conformance program.

The ARR-2500 software alerts pilots of potential threats along their planned flight route and suggests alternative routes; the embedded real-time software application is able to interface with from Rockwell Collins and other manufacturers.

The FACE Technical Standard was developed by the FACE Consortium, a government and industry consortium managed by The Open Group, to define an open avionics environment for all airborne platform types. The standard's objectives include the creation of reusable and interoperable software capabilities while enabling industry innovation and competition. Products that are deemed conformant to the FACE standard let buyers know that the products are built to operate across multiple avionics implementations, thereby reducing test time and increasing more rapid and cost-effective deployment of solutions.

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