RF analytics tools from HawkEye 360 aim to give users insight into previously hidden spectrum activity

56th ANNUAL AOC INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM AND CONVENTION, WASHINGTON, DC.Radio frequency (RF) data-analytics company HawkEye 360 (Herndon, Virginia) is showing its suite of tools that enable RF analytics that can give users insight into previously hidden spectrum activity.

According to company information, the HawkEye Constellation offers global signal awareness for a range of geospatial intelligence applications: Its broad spectral range -- across most of 144 MHz to 15 GHz combined with multiple visits per day -- enables users to monitor ocean or land to support defense and intelligence activities. In addition, the HawkEye 360 augments other data sources by offering readily accessible, unclassified, and easily shared RF analytics that enable security and defense forces to more effectively plan and execute mission objectives.

Visitors to the AOC show can visit the HawkEye 360 team at Booth 927.