Raytheon's Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool enters final phase

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. Raytheon is developing Capability Drop 4 (CD4) of the Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool (EWPMT) under a multi-million dollar contract from the U.S. Army over the next 24 months.

Photo courtesy of Raytheon.

EWPMT is a tool that is intended to plan, manage, and control sensors and systems in the electromagnetic spectrum, providing information about what is happening in a crowded signal environment. Delivered in what the Army calls Capability Drops, CD4 represents the final stage of a fully operating capability, or Increment 1.

Open architecture also intends to allow the tool to execute cyber effects in multi-domain operations.

Raytheon delivered CD1 and CD2, and is currently working on CD3, which addresses using the tool in a tactical environment against threats. CD3 also includes all of the functionality of Raytheon's Raven Claw, a mobile version of EWPMT that intends to help operators control signals in the field without a host server or reliable connection to external data.