Raytheon, UMass granted $1.9 million to research flexible RF devices for GPS

TEWKSBURY, Ma. Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems and University of Massachusetts Lowell have received a grant of $1.9 million to advance the commercialization of flexible hybrid radio-frequency (RF) electronics that are aimed at use in military global positioning systems (GPS), among other applications.

The UMass Lowell team will work with Raytheon and Dassault Systemes' SIMULIA Corp., a Rhode Island company that specializes in multiphysics simulation and modeling used in device integration. The researchers' work is intended to accelerate the adoption of multifunctional substrates that are compatible with a broad range of inks and printing processes.

The processes will be used for the design of the next generation of adaptive printed RF and microwave components and devices required for military GPS and asset-tracking systems. The project is funded by a grant from NextFlex, a public-private consortium of governments, companies, academic institutions, and nonprofit companies that has as its mission the advancement of manufacturing of flexible hybrid electronics in the U.S.

Photo courtesy Raytheon