Raytheon to provide additional Aegis equipment for U.S. Navy

The Aegis program continues on strong in the U.S. ’s arsenal, as evidenced by a recent $106.4 million contract modification awarded to Raytheon Company for Aegis-associated equipment production. Included are the Mod 14 Fire Control System and the (D)V transmitter. The contract’s beneficiary is the Navy’s destroyer, which falls within the Arleigh Burke class.

Raytheon has been producing the MK99 Fire Control System and AN/SPY-1 radar transmitters for more than three decades for Aegis. The two technologies presently reside on Japanese Kongo destroyers, South Korean KDX-111 destroyers, and Spanish F-100 class frigates, in addition to destroyers and cruisers belonging to the U.S. Navy's fleet.

Meanwhile, the Air Warfare Destroyer () in development by the Royal Australian Navy will be suited with AN/SPY-1 radar in the future. (Raytheon Australia is AWD’s combat systems integrator.)

Contract work is slated for fulfillment at the Raytheon IDS and Center in Sudbury, MA; the Integrated Air Defense Center in Andover, MA; and the Seapower Capability Center in Portsmouth, RI.