Raytheon Testing Proves Precision and Power of the Pyros Tactical Munition for UASs

LAS VEGAS - A warhead and guidance system test of Raytheon’s Pyros tactical munition has been successfully completed, validating the system’s height-of-burst, electronic safe and arm device, GPS and semi-active guidance modes, and multi-effects warhead at the Yuma Proving Ground. Designed with small, tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) in mind, the 13.5 lb., 22” weapon was dropped from a Cobra UAS and detonated directly over its target at a predetermined height calculated by Pyros height-of-burst sensor.

Targeting with /INS and digital semi-active laser , the smallest air-launched weapon in the ’s portfolio is a gravity-dropped that can also be used in a (CLT). Tom Bussing, vice president of Raytheon’s Advanced Missile Systems division commented on stated that the “next step is to complete ongoing integration work on fielded platforms and prepare for production."