Raytheon logs next step in GPS modernization effort

AURORA, Col. Raytheon reports that it has reached a milestone in its development of the U.S. Air Force Global Positioning System Next-Generation Operational Control System, known as GPS OCX, with the completion of the Factory Qualification Test of the Launch and Checkout System (LCS). GPS OCX is aimed at dramatically increasing the performance and security of the GPS system used by millions of military and civilian users every day.

In the latest phase of the project, Raytheon tested 74 OCX segment requirements at its Aurora, Colorado, factory in a cyberhardened environment; the test verified that the LCS is on the path to meeting the requirements of the U.S. Air Force, which is leading the modernization project. The remaining OCX segment requirements will be qualified in an upcoming retest period.

Those requiring external interfaces will be qualified onsite at Schriever Air Force Base (Colorado) prior to delivery of the overall OCX LCS, which is expected later in 2017. The final phase of testing – Site Acceptance Testing – will follow the delivery of the system.