Raytheon garners OTA agreement to deliver Naval Strike Missiles to USMC

TUCSON, Ariz. U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command tapped Raytheon to integrate the Naval Strike Missile (NSM) into the U.S. Marine Corps' (USMC) existing force structure under a $47.59 million Other Transaction Authority (OTA) agreement.

NSM is a long-range, precision strike missile that can detect and destroy heavily defended land and sea targets at long distances. In 2018, the U.S. Navy awarded Raytheon a contract to manufacture and deliver NSM as the Navy's over-the-horizon weapon system for littoral combat ships and future frigates.

The Marine Corps' selection of the Navy's anti-ship missile enhances joint interoperability and reduces costs and logistical burdens, officials explain. NSM is the latest product produced in partnership with Norway and its defense leader Kongsberg.