Raytheon awarded CEC, Phase II AIM-9X contract modifications

The U.S. has awarded Raytheon Co., in Largo, FL, a $30 million contract modification for engineering and design agent services for the Cooperative Engagement Capabilities () program. The program comprises a sensor netting system designed to increase capabilities in the heat of by gathering and disseminating information gleaned from in an effort to provide superset access to every CEC unit participating. Benefits include heightened situational awareness and improved ability to engage in battle strategies that are layered, cooperative, longer-range, or multiple in nature. Ninety percent of the work is slated for St. Petersburg, FL, while the remaining 10 percent occurs in Largo, FL, all by this September.

In other news, Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, AZ, was awarded a contract modification for $8.6 million for Phase II System Improvement Program support, for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and the Saudi Arabian government. The modification covers implementation in addition to software and hardware development. Work is anticipated for completion next March, and will occur in Tucson, AZ. The contract’s allocations are: U.S. Navy approximately $1.7 million or nearly 20 percent; approximately $5.5 million or 64 percent; and the Saudi Arabian government approximately 1.4 million or about 16 percent per the Foreign Military Sales Program.