Railgun system from General Atomics demonstrated at Army Maneuver and Fires Integration Experiment

SAN DIEGO. General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) officials demonstrated its Blitzer electromagnetic railgun system at the U.S. Army's Fires Center of Excellence annual Maneuver and Fires Integration Experiment (MFIX)last month at Ft. Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma.

There were eleven firings of the Blitzer during the MFIX event, all at a target with a range that was greater than previous Blitzer firings. At the end of MFIX, GA-EMS' Blitzer will be transported back to Dugway Proving Ground in Utah for more testing later this year.

GA-EMS' Detection System, an unattended ground system for multi-target simultaneous detection and tracking, was also showcased at the MFIX event. The system can monitor multiple sensors simultaneously and enable visual detection and tracking of acoustic and seismic sources.

"After the successful test firings of our guidance units at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah one month ago, we disassembled the Blitzer railgun system and transported it to Ft. Sill where it was set-up and fired during the MFIX event," says Nick Bucci, vice president, Missile Defense and Space Systems at GA-EMS. "Our goal was met in showing how our advanced can be efficiently transported from site to site. Testing our system under real world conditions at different locales enables us to gather the critical data necessary to improve the system's efficiency to meet future customer mobility requirements."

MFIX is an annual exercise to inform requirements, validate/refine concepts, address capability gaps, and assess solutions for incorporation into the future Army Warfighting Assessments. The exercise brings together military and industry partners to view and conduct demonstrations of key technologies.