Radar to improve air traffic control at German military airfields

GERMANY. Progress is being made with the installation of Hensoldt’s Aerodrome Surveillance Radar, Series (ASR-S) for air traffic control modernization at German military airfields.

Photo courtesy of Hensoldt.

An ASR-S system has recently been handed over to the German procurement authority BAAINBw and the Air Mobility Training Centre in Celle-Wietzenbruch. Seventeen of 20 radar systems in total have now been supplied to and accepted by the customer.

The ASR-S systems are being provided by sensor specialist Hensoldt under a $281.4 million (250 million Euro) contract awarded by the BAAINBw and are intended to replace older radar systems that have been used for military air traffic control. The new radars are also being used for airspace surveillance within a radius of more than 62.1 miles in order to safely coordinate military flight movements with civil air traffic.

As a facility for all branches of the armed forces, the Air Mobility Training Centre, which is subordinate to the German Army Training Command in Leipzig, facilitates testing and training in different methods between ground forces and aircraft.