Quad Rotor Vertical Take-off And Landing UAS unveiled by Lockheed Martin at AUVSI

LAS VEGAS – The Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), introduced by Lockheed Martin Procerus Technologies at AUVSI, is a rugged, quad-rotor, dual-sensor platform that featuring perch, stare, and extended hover capabilities for space-constrained reconnaissance applications. The five-pound collapsible system leverages a gimbal mount equipped with a laser illuminator and infrared and electro-optical sensors to provide 360-degree aerial reconnaissance in areas unreachable by fixed-wing systems.

Outfitted with the Kestrel 3 autopilot, the VTOL system can be deployed for up to 40 minutes and folded by hand into a man-packable case. The system includes a hand controller for untethered vehicle operation, as well as Virtual Cockpit v3.0 with in-flight retasking, full waypoint navigation, a 3-D map interface, and mission planning tools, enabling full ground control station capabilities.

Procerus Technologies was acquired by in January of 2012, and now develops both the Virtual Cockpit and Kesterel Autopilot for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft as Lockheed Martin Procerus Technologies.

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