Patria completes amphibious testing of AMV28A armored vehicle

HELSINKI. Armored-vehicle manufacturer Patria announced that it has finished amphibious testing of its AMV28A armored wheeled vehicle. The "28A" in the vehicle's name stands for 28 metric tons gross vehicle weight.

According to the company, it conducted waterborne tests on two different AMV28A vehicles: one was a test configuration with the full amphibious weight of 28 metric tons, while the other was equipped with Kongsberg PROTECTOR MCT-30 turret with some available payload capacity. Both vehicles were successfully put through their paces in the various amphibious tests, which the company conducted off the coast of Hanko in southern Finland during rather strong wind conditions.

In addition to the vehicles' automatic amphibious mode and marine-environment protective coating, they also feature full operational capacity for overland treks, including a desert power pack and air conditioning. The customizable vehicles are fully NATO-compatible.