Parsons agrees to acquire Polaris Alpha

PASADENA, Calif. Security and defense contractor Parsons has agreed to acquire defense/intelligence firm Polaris Alpha.

Parsons officials say that its existing (AI), signals intelligence, and data analytics expertise in support of defensive and offensive missions will be enhanced by the integration of ’s machine learning, data, video, multisource analytics, and automated reasoning technologies and that Polaris Alpha’s portfolio of electromagnetic (EM) warfare, signals intelligence (), space situational awareness, and multidomain command and control technologies will significantly increase the scale and scope of Parsons’ capabilities and customer relationships. Both companies work with the U.S. intelligence community, U.S. Department of Defense agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, and other federal agencies, including NASA and the Department of Justice.

Chuck Harrington, Parsons chairman and CEO, said of the decision: "The agreement to acquire Polaris Alpha is the latest transformative move for Parsons that takes our technology solutions strategy to a new level with customers needing advanced solutions to rapidly evolving threats. With the integration of Polaris Alpha into Parsons, we enhance our proven artificial intelligence and data analytics expertise with new technologies and solutions, the demand for which is growing exponentially.”