Parker Aerospace to provide liquid cooling Thermal Management System for Joint Strike Missile

LIBERTY LAKE, WA. Parker Aerospace will provide a liquid cooling Thermal Management System (TMS) to Joint Strike Missiles (JSMs) from Kongsberg Defense Systems. The JSMs are slated to be the primary strike weapon of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters for the Royal Norwegian Air Force.

Under the contract, will design and manufacture the entire TMS, including cold plates, fluid conveyance assemblies, and pumping hardware. Initial system hardware will be delivered to in the first half of 2013.

“The JSM is a great product for our customers, and will capitalize on the successful Naval Strike Missile (NSM) already in service,” says Hâkon Engebrethsen, Kongsberg Procurement Manager for JSM. “Parker Aerospace brings a wealth of thermal management experience and has a vital role in the development of this system for our latest generation missile.”

JSM development is being funded by the Norwegian government. A video outlining the Parker Aerospace TMS is available at More on Parker Aerospace TMS organization can also be found at

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