Orbital ATK to supply $123 million worth of artillery guidance kits to U.S. Army

DULLES, Va. Aerospace and defense contractor Orbital ATK announced that the U.S. Army has placed an additional $123 million in orders under production contract Option 2 for the Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) used in the field; Orbital ATK had previously signed a $69 million production option in July 2016 under Option 2.

PGK enhances the accuracy of artillery trajectory by combining guidance and fuze function for conventional 155 mm artillery projectiles into a single GPS-guided device, enabling the warfighter to more precisely place a weapon's payload, thereby reducing the risk of collateral damage when engaging high-value targets.

By replacing a standard fuze with the PGK, say engineers, artillery projectiles are reliably delivered to within 50 meters of the intended target, as opposed to the conventional artillery dispersion of as much as 200 meters.

Image: Orbital ATK

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